Seriously, it might be number 15.

Don’t get me wrong, life is wonderful at this time but I believe I’ve been craving different things and new for some time. I’ve been focusing on a cookbook proposal FOREVER because let’s face it, I’m a perfectionist and I’ve a lot of shit happening (travel, blogging, composing, social media marketing, the SSS, etc). While I could function myself to loss of life to complete it, I’m taking my time and trying to find other things that are enjoyable for me personally outside of blogging.
The truth is, I’VE NO IDEA what I love besides food, creating recipes and blogging about any of it. Is this an excessive amount of for a Mon? If so, I’m gonna need another energy bite. Don’t get worried, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of this chatter happening in my mind.
Let’s move onto these energy bites that taste just like a fudgy decadent brownie! I’m so thrilled to become partnering with Blue Gemstone Almonds upon this post to generate this healthy, easy snack. If you’ve never had a power bite, then make sure you prevent what you’re doing and move make these immediately. Especially if you love brownies.
Energy bites are one of my favorite on the run snacks because they’re so lightweight and healthy. These particular bites are made with several simple substances: times, Blue Diamond Roasted Almonds (for just a little crunch), protein-rich almond butter, dietary fiber packed flaxseed food and cocoa powder.
I like utilizing the lightly salted Blue Gemstones, but I’ve also made these using the Oven Roasted CHOCOLATES Almonds for an even sweeter snack.
Among these energy bites provides nearly 5g of proteins and just over 4g of dietary fiber. They’re chewy, fudgy, rich-tasting and will fulfill both your nice and salty urges.
If you are feeling enjoy it, you can move the power bites in coconut flakes or cocoa natural powder for the energy bite ‘truffle’. The options are endless.
Salted Time Brownie Energy Bites
Prep period:
10 mins
Total time:
10 mins
1/2 cup Blue Diamond Roasted Salted (or Lightly Salted) Almonds
1/4 cup natural drippy almond butter
1/4 cup flaxseed meal
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Optional: 1/4 teaspoon sea salt (if you want nice and salty)
Add pitted schedules and almonds to the plate of a food processor. Procedure for about 1 minute or until almonds and dates come together well. Almonds ought to be slightly chunky.
Add in the remaining ingredients: almond butter, flaxseed food, cocoa natural powder, vanilla remove and sea sodium. Pulse until a dough forms. The dough structure should be thick and clumpy. If it is not, then add 1 or 2 2 tablespoons of water.
Move into 12 medium sized balls. You can even use a moderate cookie scoop if that’s much easier. Store the energy bites within the fridge or fridge.
Survey completed!
I could totally relate with what you are going through I’m absolutely sure it’ll all work out. BTW…I make your additional energy balls weekly. Hubs and I really like them. Can’t wait around to try out this recipe!
P.S. Done your Blue Diamond survey!
I also filled out the Blue Gemstone Survey!
Entered the survey!
And I feel you on the one fourth life turmoil… all the best to us both!
Filled out the survey!
P.S I completed the survey!
I filled out the survey!
I love the power bite idea and all of your other healthified desserts! I’d love to visit a cookbook from you. Probably it could take an angle like: hearty and delicious quality recipes for the millennial cook. I feel as if you make a lot of very modern but relatable meals. That is what draws in me to your blog. I know I could find recipes that Personally i think are interesting but that I know my children will think are tasty, too. You have become fitness focused in order that could be another thing you could touch on in the reserve. Perhaps recipes to energy a wholesome and active life-style? Whatever you decide to perform, here’s one person game to purchase your cookbook!
Survey done.:)

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