Mocha Banana Proteins Smoothie Bowl with all the current toppings your heart desires

This past weekend Sarah of Broma Bakery found stay with me in Chicago and we treated ourselves to something sweet every single day. It was a bit unusual to me but life is focused on balance, well-being and feasting on happy moments; occasionally these special occasions call for frozen yogurt , doughnuts AND delicious chocolate chip pancakes Ha!
We’d the absolute best period together and I can’t wait to talk about more photos of our cooking in addition our Chicago activities! In the meantime, I’m getting back again to eating all the veggies and indulging in healthier goodies (rather than doughnuts).
Anyone that has learned me well may attest to the actual fact which i am a huge advocate of a treat throughout the day or even before bed. In fact, Tony always provides me this absurd look anytime I ask for frozen yogurt or a bedtime snack because it’s a must have in my globe. Even a small treat like a spoonful of almond butter having a sprinkle of ocean salt can usually give me the best satisfaction.
It ought to be noted that I also have a tendency to eat lighter meals so for an active person like me, it’s only normal to crave something around 9 or 10PM.
MUST HAVE Snack foods.
And of course, there are times when a spoonful of nut butter and a banana simply does not trim it. Or when I’m craving something nice and creamy like freezing yogurt, but I don’t feel like leaving the home just to travel to get it (okay, but sometimes I perform… ha).
Lately I’ve been doing my very own healthy version of fro yo in the home. It’s extremely easy and simply involves offering a creamy dense protein smoothie within a bowl, covering it together with your favorite toppings and consuming it using a spoon! I know, super nice stuff right here but you know you LUVS it. It makes breakfast feel just like a real treat.
You’d actually be surprised at how thick and creamy these smoothie bowls can get, specifically with a scoop of protein powder within the mix. Best of all, you can make these with your own personal favorite protein natural powder and blend and match the type of fruit switches into the smoothie. Lately I’ve been into a delicious chocolate banana proteins smoothie dish because chocolates makes me feel just like I’ve indulged a bit. I use a chocolate protein powder and Delicious chocolate Almond Air flow almond milk. Additional preferred smoothie bowls consist of strawberry banana, blueberry vanilla, raspberry peach… actually there are way too many to name.
I frequently enjoy these for breakfast time hence why you see a instant coffee packet in the picture above. Mocha smoothie bowls FTW! You can find endless possibilities here so if your a freezing yogurt and/or nice teeth fanatic like me, I’m sure you’ll find this easy base recipe to come in handy.
Label your creations on Instagram #ambitiouskitchen. To keep up up to now with articles and behind the moments info, adhere to AK:
Calories: 272
Body fat: 4g
Sugars: 45g
Sugars: 26.6g
Fibers: 7.2g
Protein: 20g
1 large frozen banana
1/2 cup Almond Breeze Chocolate Almond Milk, plus more if necessary
1 scoop your preferred protein natural powder (I would recommend simple, vanilla or chocolate)
1 packet instant coffee, if desired
1 cup spinach (if you need a superfood boost)
A few ice cubes
Add all ingredients except for desired toppings to some blender and mix until clean and creamy. If required, add even more almond milk and/or ice to attain the desired uniformity. The smoothie ought to be fairly thick so that you can eat it with a spoon.
Pour right into a bowl and top with desired toppings such as chia and granola. Acts 1.
Nutrition just includes banana, proteins powder, spinach, almond milk and coffee. Proteins powder is situated from 1 scoop around 100 calories without added sugar.
P.s I am TOTALLY an eat-before-bedtime young lady too! SNACKAGE FTW! Pinned!

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